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Our Process:

Our sponsor is a product development company with over 250 employees, and has been in business for over 20 years. Our sponsor’s products have sold in over 1,000 stores, but since they were founded by an inventor, they clearly understand the difficulties involved in bringing a product to market.’s sponsor uses their exclusive inventing method to take your idea for a new product and prepare it for presentation to corporations for possible licensing.

The very first step in the invention process is sending your Confidentiality Agreement

Our sponsor requires all individuals to submit their ideas to us via this confidential agreement, which is in place to ensure the security of your idea. While Inventing.Com’s sponsor is a fee based company, they do provide a free consultation of every product idea they receive. Besides completely new ideas, they also work with improvements to existing products.

Our sponsor’s product development service is extremely thorough, and they will be working with you every step along the way. They do everything from product related data and patent research to designing, developing, and building working prototypes and product samples.’s sponsor targets corporations and even designs packaging for your product. This process can be fun yet challenging, and this is why they have a team of professionals and a state-of-the-art facility to develop your idea.

The final step in our sponsor’s invention process: presenting your idea to a corporation or manufacturer for potential licensing.

While’s sponsor can't guarantee that the product you've created will be a success, it is safe to suggest that if you never pursue it, you may never find out. They work hard for you and hope you have a great experience developing your idea into a product.

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Bike Board

We applied our unique and proven development process and redesigned his product. Davison made the BikeBoard so it could be mass-produced and shipped at a reasonable cost. In addition, we made it more fun to ride.

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